Template description:

Template name: free discuz green general enterprise website source code download

The template is very easy to survive. Such a website is easy to attract visitors’ clicks. It is very beneficial to improve IP traffic and PV. Any alliance advertisement can feed the website.

This set of dream weaving templates adopts the very popular full screen adaptive layout design, and the column list is concise, very fashionable and atmospheric. The page is automatically typeset according to the resolution, which greatly improves the compatibility of page width,

Adapt to most display resolution sizes. The template is mainly composed of a variety of colors, which is suitable for various types of websites.

One background management, three networks in one, simple and convenient, excellent experience

1. The code is clean and tidy;

2. The effect is quite cool, quite simple, atmospheric and high-end. The template is simple. All the data has been called. Just modify the column name in the background

3. Applicable to advertising media and general enterprises;

4. Website manual div + CSS, simplified code, neat and generous home page layout, reasonable layout, conducive to SEO, illustrated and static HTML;

5. The home page and the overall situation have been comprehensively optimized to facilitate seamless use;




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