This template is developed with pbootcms as the core. It is applicable to the enterprise websites of large kitchen equipment and household kitchen products marketing companies in restaurants. It has beautiful interface and complete functions. It can become its own website by uploading pictures and changing words.

Pbootcms is a new core and permanently open source free PHP enterprise website development and construction management system. It is an efficient, concise and powerful PHP CMS source code that can be used for free.

By default, the system adopts SQLite lightweight database, which can be directly used after being put into php space. MySQL is optional PgSQL and other databases to meet various storage requirements; The responsive management background is adopted to meet the needs of all kinds of equipment management at any time.

Template features

1. Adopt div + CSS layout, write and debug manually. The page is exquisite without mistakes and omissions.

2. The website is adaptive, and the website layout is changed according to the screen size without deformation. Can adapt to various equipment.

3. SEO framework layout, each page can set title / keyword / description. Do website optimization more worry free.

4. The background operation is simple and has comprehensive functions. In the background, you can easily and quickly change and upload data.

Website management doesn’t bother.



本模板以PbootCMS为内核开发,适用于餐厅大型厨具设备 家用厨房用品营销公司等的企业网站,界面美观,功能齐全,只需上传图片、更改文字就能变成自己的网站。
PbootCMS是全新内核且永久开源免费的PHP企业网站开发建设管理系统,是一套高效、简洁、 强悍的可免费商用的PHP CMS源码。
系统默认采用sqlite轻型数据库,放入PHP空间即可直接使用,可选mysql. pgsql等数据库,满足各类存储需求;采用响应式管理后台,满足各类设备随时管理的需要。


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