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A modular design with simple design scheme and WordPress theme style. At present, the most popular is the reasonable layout of this kind of modular design,

Simple colors can undoubtedly attract a large number of young webmasters to apply.

This uigreat theme style is developed and designed by the theme style gentleman following the example of uigreat. There is no need to talk about the design scheme,

The creator also integrates some of his favorite elements, such as literary style, simplicity, visual effect and so on.

It is not impossible for a webmaster to be a young blog website or an interesting enterprise official website.

Theme features:

Adaptive layout, perfect compatible presentation of mobile terminal and computer terminal

Highly customized theme settings in the background (logo, favicon, slide, bottom navigation, website announcement, etc.)

Enrich site basic optimization (streamline header code, remove category, automatically add nofollow outside the article chain, automatically add tag inside the chain, automatically add ALT to pictures

Automatically add existing keywords…)

Custom color (currently only navigation custom color, more will be added later)

Custom cover height dimensions

Customize default thumbnails for articles

Home page, article Ajax loading (previous / next page digital loading, AJAX loading)

Rich advertising space (unlimited new advertising map on home page, list page and sidebar)

Note: the template can be used normally only after the following plug-ins are installed:

WordPress integrated plug-in launched by joytheme

Small universe plug-in is a WordPress optimization plug-in. Installing this WordPress plug-in can efficiently optimize your website,

Avoid the embarrassment of looking for code everywhere. At present, it has the following functions, and some joytheme themes need to be used together with this plug-in.



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